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Pool Paint Sky Blue

Klinger Rubber Based Pool Paint possesses excellent chemical and moisture resistant qualities and is formulated specifically for concrete and steel swimming pools. It is also recommended for high moisture areas such as shower stalls.

Surface Preparation:  Allow new surfaces to cure for 30 days first then treat concrete surfaces with muriatic acid prior to painting. Be sure to rinse well before painting. Any leftover muriatic acid may result in discoloring of the finish coat and premature failure of the coating.

Application:  Klinger Pool Paint comes ready to use for brush and roll application. Thin 15-20% with our 544 Thinner or Xylene for spray application. Two thinner coats are preferred to one heavier coat.

Dry Time:  30-60 minutes to touch, 60 minutes to re-coat.                                                             

**Important Information**

Klinger Pool Paint CAN NOT be applied over an epoxy based Pool Paint.

Allow 7 days cure time before filling pool.

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