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Our History

1900: The company is founded by Wesley Klinger as a supplier to contract painters. The original store is located at 125 Third Avenue S.W. His formula for success is providing a quality product and a strong belief in service. 

1914:  The decision is made to relocate to 117 Second Avenue S.E. This provides a larger location to support the growing business. In the years to come, the loss of a national line of paint products convinces Wesley that he must manufacture his own paint and not rely solely on other companies for the benefit of his customers. 

1930: Manufacturing of Klinger Brand Paint begins at the original Manufacturing Plant location on the third floor of the Second Avenue Store location.  

1939: Leo Klinger, Wesley's Son, is handed the reins of the company.

1940: The company suffers a fire that destroys both the store and the Manufacturing Plant. The retail store is restored but the city forces the Manufacturing Plant out of the downtown area and it re-locates to a building at 435 H Avenue N.W. 

1950's: Leo’s sons, Bob and Don, join the company and would later become the President and Vice President respectively. 

1968: Urban renewal forces the company to move its retail store and general offices to the present location at 333 5th Avenue S.E. The 14,400 square foot facility houses offices, a showroom and design center on the first floor and paint and auxiliary products storage on the second floor. 

1970: The company undergoes another fire, this time caused by an arsonist which destroys the Manufacturing Plant. Leo and the family have to decide whether to continue manufacturing paint or to shut down that portion of the business. A decision is made to borrow the necessary funds and build a new plant. Klinger's purchase four acres on Willow Creek Drive S.W. and construct a 7,200 square-foot plant. Four subsequent expansions have boosted the plant to 24,800 square feet with four 1,000 gallon vats. 

1970's:  The decision is made to take the company into the industrial paint market. Today Klinger Paint Company services the North American market, supplying major players in the propane industry, and others, with custom coatings and aerosols for their equipment.

1980's: Bob’s sons, Doug and Rick, and Don’s son, Greg, join the company. Doug currently serves as Controller and Rick is the Retail Store Operations Manager.

2000's: Bob Klinger passes away in 2009.  Don becomes President and the third Brother, Jim, is CEO.

2008: ?On June 12, the Retail Store took in 3 1/2 feet of water in the great Cedar Rapids Flood, totally wiping out everything out on the 1st floor. The store continued to operate with generators out of it's back dock area while the entire store was re-constructed. In May of 2009 the Store fully re-opened. 

2010's: Jim’s son Brian joins the company and takes over as Plant Manager in February 2014

From Wesley to Leo then to Bob, Don, and Jim and now to Doug, Rick and Brian,  this fourth generation
family-owned business still understands what Bob remembered from his Grandfather, “We’re here
because of our customers and we realize how important service is to them”.